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Volunteer Blog

On our way to Takeo. The journey is so beautiful!!

Today was yet another beautiful and lush drive into Takeo. I love visiting the Community Centre and seeing how the girls use the looms to construct their individual and colourful scarfs!

I feel so blessed to experience their warm welcome, smiles and hugs, and that they provide such a mouth-watering lunch each time we visit! I am blown away by the cooking skills of these women - I really need some lessons!

Chantrea and Seam, accompanied by Phalin, were all so excited to enrol in their new university! Phalin having already passed her English bridging exam wanted to provide extra support and study guidance to her friends. The university the girls are applying for allows students to take their English bridging exam at any time, and so they are taking it tomorrow. After this they will begin their course next month! The bridging exam isn't about passing or failing, all of the students will go on to study at the university regardless of their scores. What it will do is help to assess their differing English abilities. So they can get the best education. An unreal result! YAY! GO GIRLS! 

I feel so happy to have been able to play a role in assisting these girls achieve their dreams, and that they now have a greater chance to further succeed in the future!