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our history

"No child should have to dream of going to school." - Sarah Knight

Project Change International is a grass-roots style charity, focused on building and running education infrastructure in impoverished communities.

These communities are locked in an endless poverty cycle, where parents are unable to afford education, food or clean water for their children, leading to in limited employment opportunities and sustained generational poverty. Often, the only option for survival is for children to work where they are subject to abuse and sexual exploitation.

our centre in cambodia

Takeo Community Centre

Sarah opened our Takeo community centre in 2013, with the help of the Takeo community and local leaders. Her commitment to the community centre has led her to personally oversee donation allocation, the well-being of our beneficiaries, and the prosperity of the community centre.

The community centre was built as an education and support hub, run by a local PCI project manager and PCI employed teachers under the management of Sarah and our directors. Through the centre, Project Change is able to offer education, nutritional meals, clean water, healthcare, and support to the community.

what we stand for

We believe there is a sustainable solution to change the world.

The United Nations have imagined the world of 2030, and set out 17 sustainable development goals to help us achieve #Envision2030.
Project Change International was built around 8 of these goals, to help achieve worldwide equality.
No Poverty.
Zero Hunger.
Good Health & Well-being.
Quality Education.
Gender Equality.
Clean Water & Sanitation.
Decent Work & Economic Growth.
Reduced Inequality.

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